The Nilgiri Library

This majestic library located at heart of Nilgiris is blessed with a unique collection of books. In earlier times, books binded exclusively for the library were made. The bay area for mounting the horse is kept intact. This gothic style building takes you back to memories of colonial era. The library is famous for its book club.

Wellington Lake Cantonment Area

The, Wellington lake, renovated and maintained by wellington cantonment is a less crowded beautiful location on way to Ooty. The bougainvilleas, the roses and the swans make this place memorable

Tribal Museum Bhopal Madhyapradesh

The tribal museum in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh helps us understand the spirituality, way of life and daily life of the tribals - Gonds, Kol, Sahariya , Bhils etc.A common thread through these cultures is equality of the members.

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Tribal Museum Bhopal Part 2

The tribal museum bhopal elagantly displays the music instruments, the furnitures, the architectural structure, the windows, the beliefs of the tribals. It showcases the rich diversity of Madhya Pradesh and India. The various galleries with the lighting provide a great learning experience

More details on the place : Bhopal Tourism

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Patterns Nature Bark Tree and Leaves


Heritage Bhopal Library India

The bhopal library, a heritage building which houses some of the rarest book collection in India

Gee Dee Naidu Car Museum Coimbatore

G D Naidu was one of the greatest innovators in Modern India. He was a self-built man, who explored the various areas of mechanics and science. The re-furbished cars at display in GeeDeeCarMuseum Coimbatore.